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Services Compared

Depending on what the client prefers, our resources enable us to offer head contractor, project management, and design and construct services.

Head Contractor

The traditional agreement between builder and client. We manage and oversee the construction works and we contract with sub-contractors. We provide a fixed ‘lump sum price’ to the client.

Project Management

This fee-based service allows us to manage a project with regard to time and cost. We supervise the site and construction and procure sub-contractors. The client directly contracts with recommended sub-contractors.




If a project is not yet at the construction-ready stage, we can also offer the following packages, or variations of these, depending on the status of preparations of the site for construction works:

Packaged Solution – from Design to Planning and Building Permits, and then Construction

We can provide a complete solution from initial concept and design stage, through to planning approval (permit) stage, then building permit and finally construction. For every project, we ensure that our network of real estate, town-planning, architectural, and engineering professionals work together to ensure that the value of the site is maximised.

Packaged Solution from Planning Permit to Construction

If the design is already in place, we can manage the planning approval phase and work with the architect and our network of professionals to make any necessary design amendments to secure an optimal planning permit. After obtaining the building permit, we then proceed with construction.

Packaged Solution – from Building Permit to Construction

If the planning permit is already in place, leveraging our experience, and network of professional consultants, we can get the project to building permit stage in the most cost-efficient manner, and then proceed with construction.

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