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Our Experience

melbourne apartmentsEstablished in 2000, Platinum Construction (Vic) Pty Ltd is a registered domestic and commercial building contractor based in Melbourne,Victoria. We provide Head Contractor and Project Management services in the following areas:

  • Residential: stand-alone and multi-unit
  • Commercial
  • Renovations and Extensions

The expertise gained from many years in the industry, together with our lean, efficient and vertically integrated operation, allows for the most competitive pricing. We deliver on time without compromising on the level of service provided to every client, or attention to detail and quality of finished product.

Our Managing Director has over thirty years experience in the construction industry. Through the company that he founded before his relocation to Melbourne, he completed projects as diverse as apartment blocks, shopping centres, factories, specialist wards and hospital wings, hotels, stadiums, homes and office blocks.

Together our senior staff also bring with them significant experience, having been involved in the construction of a wide range of landmark projects in and around Melbourne, from shopping complexes to high-rise apartment and office towers.

The full time team at Platinum Construction is there to service our clients and comprises:

  • Managing Director
  • Construction and Project Managers
  • Site Managers and their staff
  • Site-based Contract and General Administrators
  • Maintenance Team
  • Head-office based Contracts Administrators
  • Head-office based Administrative and in-house Accounting Staff

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